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What Bounce House or Jumper Should I Rent?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The Ultimate Guide for Your Next Jumper Rental!

Jumpers are fantastic additions to a children’s party; there is no doubt about it. They all love it, and the kid in you knows it. But, it can be daunting renting a perfect jumper for your kid’s next birthday party. And so, we wrote up this guide on some deciding factors that can help you to decide the best jumper rental experience!

Preferences on Jumper Types

In the nutshell, there are 7 main inflatable types. Here’s the breakdown of them:

Basic Jumper

Combo Jumper

Toddler Jumper

Obstacle Course

Dry/Water Slides

Water Jumper


Suggested Age

- 1 to 8

- 3 to 12

- 1 to 5

- 5 to 12

- 3 to 12

- 3 to 10

- All ages


- May have basketball hoop​

- May have basketball hoop​

- May have small obstacle course

- Perfect for toddlers

- ​Very interactive for all ages.

- Dry slides can be an add-on for Obstacle Courses

- Also good for adults

- May have basketball hoop​

- ​Perfect for backyard or carnival games

Jumping Area?










Most Popular Jumper?

Location Size And Delivery Space vs Jumper Sizes

Among the types of inflatables, size varies. Without allocating sufficient space for the inflatables, they can get damaged from scrubbing along walls or fences. It is also of safety concern with the height of the bounce house to make sure it doesn't touch any power lines, wifi lines, and backyard lights up top. At Jump to The Stars, we recommend a 2ft clearance on all sides as the jumpers can move during its course of use and we want to make sure the kids have a fun and safe experience.

Additionally, some inflatables can be very heavy (200+ lbs) and bulky (5ft wide and high), making them a challenge to deliver. That’s why bounce house rental companies, including us, may refuse service to locations that require the delivery team to lug the inflatables and associated equipment up more than 6 steps of stairs. Besides stairs, having a clear delivery space is imperative. As the jumpers can be bulky, some gates or sides of the house may not fit.

So, having sufficient space for the jumpers and delivery space will ensure a smooth and sweat-free jumper rental experience for you!

Weather vs Jumpers

Weather is definitely something we wish we knew more about when we started this business. It turns out it is quite crucial to having a pleasant bounce house rental experience for not only you but also your kids! Below are a couple of environments that could deter you and your children from having a bouncy time with the inflatables and suggestions on what to rent instead!

Summer or Hotter Temperatures:

Water Slides:

Water slide rentals are always perfect for the summer as they help to cool down that summer heat. Water slides are usually 12ft the shortest, and about 20-25ft the tallest. They are a fantastic choice for adults and kids alike. After all, we may never be too old to splash water as we land in the pool. However, if you have toddlers or little kids, water slides, especially the tall ones, may not be suitable.

Water Jumpers:

Wet jumpers are a little different where there is a jumper attached to the water slide, too. This type of inflatable is usually perfect for children under 9 as the slides aren't usually as tall. The children can either jump in the bouncy area, do some basketball tricks if there are basketball hoops, or go down the slide into the pool!

Dry Jumpers:

As vinyl retains heat rapidly and dramatically, there are 2 things to note to ensure a pleasant jumper rental experience for your kids.

  • Is there shade at the location? Inflatables are made out of vinyl, which, while great for bounce houses, retain heat rapidly. Having inflatables under the shade will make a stark difference. We have recorded almost a 20 degree difference between areas under the shade and under the sun.

  • Is the top open or closed? When the top is open or meshed, the jumping area will be under direct sunlight, making it unpleasant to jump on. Closed tops are usually better because of that. As long as the sides of the bounce houses are open or meshed to allow air to flow through, closed-top bounce houses will be better for the children in high temperatures.

High Wind Environment:

While we always make sure the bounce houses are properly staked and secured before allowing the children in, bounce houses are still vulnerable in a high wind environment. If wind surpasses 15 MPH, we would need to stop operating the bounce houses for the safety of the children.


And that is it. We hope you have a great party!


  1. Does it matter what surface the jumper can be on?

    1. Yes. Bounce house rental companies, although most use tarps to protect the bottom of the jumpers, may not set up on pebbles or rocky surfaces. As you guessed it, pebbles or rocky surfaces may damage the jumpers significantly.

  2. Can adults go in the jumpers with their kids?

    1. Of course, as your little ones may be hesitant to climb up the slide or use the slide. We have a feeling that the kid in you is super excited right now.

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