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Our Story

2 Girls Delivering Bouncy Castles in The Heat of SGV

When we were younger, one of our first jobs was camp counselor and elementary school instructor. Now as adults, we continue to love what we started out doing - making kids laugh.

As kids, we always screamed in excitement when our parents took us anywhere with bounce houses. To some, it may have just looked like ordinary inflatables. But, in our eyes it was a ginormous towering castle, our superhero headquarters, a spaceship, or even the moon. Inside, we could be anything and anywhere we wanted. We would race our friends on the obstacle courses and conquer the giant slide. Sometimes, we'd even want to drag our parents to slide together with us. That's what we remember most - the moments of laughter shared with the people we love.

And now, nothing much has changed. Maybe a little bit older, wiser, and taller, but we are forever two kids at hearts that wanted to own this inflatable rentals business to help create those moments. And so, here we are, looking to make lasting memories for kids, parents, and anybody who wants to be part of this journey. 

Please take a look around our bounce house inventory; if there are any jumpers that catch your attention, don't hesitate to reach out for a quote or availability!
- Sharon & Han

Solar Eclipse

Our Journey So Far

September '21

We Made Our First Deliveries

We decided that Jump to The Stars would start renting out bounce houses officially September 11th. Prior to this date, we took orders and moved all the inflatables out of the previous owner's warehouse. 

Ever since this date, we have worked on our corporate jobs while managing, delivering, and building out the growth infrastructure for Jump to The Stars. 

July '21

We Acquired The Business

We have been looking for businesses the entire 2021, and late July, we took a leap of faith and acquired this rental business. We were scared, nervous, yet excited for the uncertainties and possibilities. 


Jump to The Stars were located in Dana Point, Orange County. We jumped right in and operated there while we get our website, business phone number, and other LLC related items ready. 

June '22

We Made Our First Hire!

Up until this point, Jump to The Stars has been women-owned and operated! 

Up until this point, while making deliveries, we assessed our inventory, matching demand.

November '21

We Moved the Business to San Gabriel Valley

We decided to move the business up to San Gabriel Valley, where we reside. This was another scary jump that we did, given how the goodwill from the previous owners was so good for Dana Point area. 

Lucky for us, there are growth potential here in SGV. We haven't looked back since.


More to Come!

We are working on what is next for Jump to The Stars. While we can fail, we are excited for what else we can do! But before making more decisions, let's us go bounce first!

Our Universe

Our Journey in Pictures

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