How It's Going to Work

​After we receive your deposit, we will confirm your reservation via email, through which we will explain some good-to-knows and attach an invoice for your remaining balance. We will also give you a delivery window.

Then, on the day of, we will deliver the bounce houses to where you want them to be and set them up for you. This is also when you'll pay us the remaining balance!

Finally, we will return at the agreed upon hour to pick up the bounce houses.

And, that is it! Sweet and simple, isn't it?

Frequently asked questions

Can I rent the unit overnight?

Of course you can! There will be a $60 charge to have your rental overnight. We ask you to turn off the blower and put the blower indoor (so it doesn't get wet). The following day, you can blow the bounce houses back up and continue the fun! And don't worry we will show you how to blow up the bounce houses the following day!

Do you accept rentals at parks or beaches?

For parks: There will be an additional $20 fee on top of the rental price. Additionally, you may have to also rent a generator, which is $70, as there may not be electricity at the parks. For beaches: Unfortunately, we can't service beaches due to high winds and sand. The sand may get inside the inflatables, damanging them. And as inflatables get light when they are fully inflated, they are unsafe in high wind environments.

How do I prepare for setups and cleanups?

Please be sure to have a clear delivery path so we can easily set up and clean up the bounce houses. Additionally, the bounce houses will need to be 2 feet away from walls or fences to ensure no scraping or scatching on the bounce houses. During setups and cleanups, we do require an adult to be present. We will need to charge $25 re-delivery fee if an adult isn't available for the agreed-upon delivery time.

Are generators included in my rentals?

Generators aren't typically included in your rentals. However, there are situations where rentals are at a park or places that don't have electricity readily available. In situation like so, you can rent a generator from us for $75.

Will there be cleaning or repair fees?

No, unless the bounce houses come back dirty or damaged. If they come back dirty, our cleaning fee ranges from $25 to $250, depending on how severe it is. If they come back damaged, there will be a $300 repair fee.

Can I cancel if it rains?

If the weather is not cooperating on the day of your reservation, we will be happy to work with you to reschedule your reservation with no extra cost or penalty. Please note as a safety precaution, if it is actively raining or storming we will not deliver or setup the unit. We also will not be able to reimburse or refund due to bad weather if you cancel on they day of.

Do we accept cards or just cash?

The short answer is we take everythng! Cash, card, Venmo, Zelle, contactless payment, etc..

Will there be a deposit?

Yes, we require a $50 non-refundable deposit. However, if you book within a week of your party date, we require a full payment. Typically, we will refund your deposit due to uncooperating weather.